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  • SDS5-4VA
型号: The SDS5 DRO Series Digital Display
  • Product Detailed

In 2018, we launched 5-coordinate 4-axis universal multi-function digital display 5-4VA, which can be used for milling machines, boring machines, lathes, grinding machines, EDM spark machines and other machine tools.
5-4VA  has a novel and hi-tech appearance with embedded design. The processor is SAMSUNG ARM9, and the device is equipped with high-resolution LED display with high frequency, high performance and low power consumption. The operating system is designed to be easy to learn and use. It provides user-friendly graphical interface and operation tips. The control panel has the metal cover and buttons with good hand feel and convenient operation. The devices uses USB port to upgrade system version and import non-linear compensation parameters to effectively improve the efficiency of interaction between human and machine.